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Static ADAS Calibration 

Static calibration is a complex process of calibrating radars and cameras on vehicles using specialized equipment such as optical targets and radar reflectors. The vehicle is placed in a specific position and the equipment is precisely placed using lasers and manufacturing measurements to achieve the proper calibration.
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Dynamic ADAS Calibration

Dynamic calibration is performed while driving the vehicle on the road. The car's sensors collect data such as different conditions of the road, road signs and obstacles on the road. The system uses this information to adjust and calibrate itself dynamically.

We specialize in serving the auto collision industry

Auto manufacturers recommend that calibration of ADAS systems must be performed after vehicle repairs. That's where we come in. If you own or manage a auto body shop and need ADAS calibration services performed for your customers, contact us today.

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We are a local company serving the Portland metro area with specialized automotive services, including ADAS calibration.

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  • Save money on expansive and ever changing software
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Common ADAS systems that require calibration

Let Automotive Reboot handle all things ADAS calibration.

Blind Spot Modules

Surround View

Park Assist System

Emergency Breaking

Adaptive Cruise Control

Forward Looking Camera

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We specialize in serving the auto collision industry and automotive shops! Contact us today.
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