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How We Help With Electrcal Diagnostic Services

Is your car plagued by a malfunctioning electrical system or mysterious warning lights on the instrument cluster? Don't resort to the costly trial-and-error method of throwing parts at the problem. At Automotive Reboot serving the Portland metro area, we specialize in precise and cost-effective electrical system diagnostics. Our experienced technicians use state-of-the-art equipment to identify the root cause of the issue accurately. With our expertise, you can avoid unnecessary expenses and ensure your vehicle receives the precise attention it deserves. Trust us to diagnose your car's electrical woes and get you back on the road with confidence. Your car's electrical health is our priority at Automotive Reboot.
Common diagnostic tests we run:
Parasitic draw test
Short in systems checks
Open Circuit Test
car technician running electrical diagnostics on a car

We specialize in serving the auto collision industry

If you are a automotive or a collision shop, we would love to work with you on electrical diagnostic projects. We offer fast, efficient and honest service. Contact us today!

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We specialize in serving the auto collision industry and automotive shops! Contact us today.
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