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Electrical Wiring Repair

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How We Help With Electrical Repair

We can address your wiring issues correctly using proper tools, circuit diagrams, manufacturer position statements, and our expertise. Knowing when to repair a harness and which wires can be fixed by the manufacturer is crucial due to the advancement of vehicles. Not all circuits are repairable. Our extensive range of automotive connectors in stock allows us to save you money by replacing only the damaged connectors, not the entire harness.

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Wiring Harness Services

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Harness Repairs

When a vehicle is involved in a collision multiple wires and connectors and other electrical components can get damaged. We have the experience and tools to return the vehicle to a functional condition. We also offer repairs on electrical wires with fire damage or corrosion, we can fix it all and always follow the OEM procedures.
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Removal & Replacement

There could be multiple reasons for the need of replacing an entire wiring harness. The most known are if a harness has been damaged to a degree that's non-fixable or SRS (supplemental restraint system) circuits are impacted. In case of that, we are able to replace the entire damaged harness to return the vehicle to its functional and OEM condition.
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Wiring Harness Fabrication

Assuming that the harness is extremely damaged or missing a big portion of it due to a collision or fire damage. If that harness is discontinued or the manufacturer does not have a release date for it we are able to fabricate and piece it back together. Keep in mind we don't create custom harnesses, we only fabricate original wiring harness
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We have THOUSANDS of connectors in stock!

DON'T Replace an entire harness because of damaged connectors. We can sell and install any connector on the vehicle. 

We specialize in serving the auto collision industry

Auto manufacturers recommend that when repairing wiring harness circuits they must be fixed within the guidelines they have set in their position statements. That's where we come in. If you own or manage a auto body shop call us to fix your automotive wiring the proper wa

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