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How We Help With Airbag Installation

Supplemental restraints systems (SRS) were designed to keep the driver and passengers safe in case of a collision. The Industry has become dull to the fact that these systems require great attention to detail when installing and replacing SRS parts. Neglecting the SRS system procedures could cause the systems not to work properly in case of a collision. Resulting in serious injury or even death. So let us take care of your safety systems in your vehicle!
We provide:
SRS inspections
SRS estimates
SRS diagnosis
SRS Installs
photo of a set with airbag deployed

Common Airbag Services we Provide

Occupant Classification Calibration

a photo of a car seat that is being rebuilt

Side airbags & seat rebuilds

A photo of a car dashboard taken out of a car

Dashboard airbag

a photo of an interior car after new airbag system is installed

Curtain airbags W/ headliner removed

We specialize in serving the auto collision industry

If you are a automotive or a collision shop, we would love to work with you on airbag installation projects. We offer fast, efficient and honest service. Contact us today!

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We specialize in serving the auto collision industry and automotive shops! Contact us today.
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